Health Updates: A mother has to face these 5 problems after having a child!


Health Problem After Delivery: After giving birth to a child, a mother's body becomes very weak. During this time the hormones are also not balanced, due to which women have to face many problems after delivery.


The experience of becoming a mother is said to be the most beautiful. But no one talks about the problems a mother faces during this period. In fact, becoming a mother is much more than just a loving emotion. It is also quite challenging both physically and mentally.

The period of up to 6 months after delivery, which we call "postpartum", is a period full of physical changes and emotional turmoil for the mother. During this time, a mother has to face many health problems along with the responsibility of the child. Here you can learn about the 5 most common problems.

Postpartum Depression

This is probably the most common and serious problem. Many new mothers experience feelings of sadness, anxiety, fatigue, and depression in the weeks or months after delivery. This is not just due to fatigue or sleeplessness, but can also be due to hormonal changes and stress. If you are persistently depressed, have trouble doing anything, or have thoughts of harming yourself or the baby, talk to your doctor.

hair fall

Many women face hairloss or thinning after delivery. This is usually due to hormonal changes and resolves on its own in a few months. This problem can be minimized with a balanced diet and proper hair care.

changes in sexual health

After delivery, many women face many sexual problems. This includes problems like lack of desire to have sex, pain during sex, urine leakage, etc. However, in most cases, this problem becomes normal on its own after some time.

Pelvic floor disorders

The pelvic floor muscles can weaken during delivery, causing problems like urine leakage or difficulty in passing stools. Kegel exercises can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Breast pain and infection

Breastfeeding mothers may often face breast pain or infection. These problems can be reduced by breastfeeding properly and paying attention to breast hygiene.

Things to note-

Postpartum care is as important as it is during pregnancy. Get regular checkups from your doctor and let them know if you have any problems. Seek help from your partner and family. Take adequate rest and eat healthy food. Remember, only by taking care of your health will you be able to take better care of your baby.