Health Update: Why is sugarcane juice not healthy?


Side Effects Of Sugarcane Juice: If you also drink sugarcane juice to stay hydrated in summer, then this article is for you. Because ICMR has declared sugarcane juice harmful to health.


As soon as the summer season arrives, juice carts are set up everywhere. The most sold juice in this season is sugarcane juice. There is no doubt that in the scorching heat, cold sugarcane juice seems no less than nectar. But in reality, this juice which gives a feeling of relief, enters the body and increases the risk of diseases.

In such a situation, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has advised people to drink sugarcane juice in small quantities. Not only this, it is also advised to avoid consuming fruit juices, cold drinks, and excessive amounts of tea and coffee.

Why is sugarcane juice not healthy?

In the advisory issued by ICMR, it has been told that sugarcane juice contains a lot of sugar. According to studies, 100 ml of sugarcane juice can contain 13 to 15 grams of sugar. Whereas consuming more than 30 grams of sugar daily for adults and more than 24 grams of sugar for children between 7 and 10 years is harmful to health.

Harmful effects of sugarcane juice

  • Drinking sugarcane juice is dangerous for the health of diabetes patients because it contains very high amounts of sugar.
  • Excessive sugar intake can increase water loss because the body needs more water to break down sugar.
  • Sugary drinks increase the calorie intake in the body which contributes to weight gain. This makes it difficult to manage diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

These drinks are also harmful

ICMR has also advised that any fruit juice should be consumed in small quantities, especially those juices in which extra sugar is added. Instead, eating whole fruits is more beneficial as fruits also contain fiber and other nutrients. Apart from this, excessive consumption of things like tea and coffee should also be avoided. However, there is no harm in drinking tea or coffee in small quantities.