Health Update: Know Side Effects of the COVID-19 vaccine in women!


Side Effects of the COVID-19 vaccine: The side effects of the vaccine are being revealed one by one. Earlier it was considered responsible for the increasing cases of heart attack and stroke. At the same time, due to this, disturbances in the menstrual cycle have also come to light.


Research by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has revealed that the menstrual cycle of about 6 percent of women has been affected after the coronavirus. This research was done in six AIIMS of the country, in which 5709 women were studied.

According to research, 78.2% of these women had received two doses of Covishield and 21.8% of women had received two doses of Covaxin. Dr. Charushila Rukadikar of the Physiology Department of AIIMS Gorakhpur said that such women were selected for the study whose menstrual cycle comes at an interval of 28 to 38 days. 

What changes occurred in the menstrual cycle?

According to the study, the menstrual cycle became irregular in 333 women after vaccination. There was a change in the amount of bleeding in 301 women. At the same time, new symptoms appeared during the menstrual cycle in 721 women, such as weakness, headache, and body pain. The amount of bleeding increased by about 51 percent, while it decreased by 48 percent.

doctors say

Dr. Charushila Rukadikar, who has studied the side effects of the Covid vaccine, says that this change is temporary. In such a situation, the menstrual cycle becomes normal after some time after getting the vaccine.

World Health Organization also accepted

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also accepted this as a side effect of the vaccine. Dr. Charushila said that now the second phase of research will be started soon to assess the side effects of the vaccine.