Health Update: A person with rare 'Bombay' blood group saved the life of a sick woman by travelling 440 km away!


A man who traveled from one state to another to save someone's life is being praised because he has donated blood multiple times in the last 10 years.


No matter how much hatred there is in the society, humanity is still alive, due to which people forget their troubles. Ravindra Ashtekar, who is a florist by profession, set such an example. His blood group is very rare which is called 'Bombay' in medical terms. Ravindra rode 400 kilometers from Shirdi in Maharashtra to Indore city of Madhya Pradesh, where he saved the life of a 30-year-old ailing woman.

Have done good work before

Ravindra Ashtekar, 36, who runs a flower business in Shirdi, reached Indore from Shirdi on May 25 and donated blood to a woman in the hospital there. The patient's condition improved after a transfusion. The blood donor told PTI, "When I came to know about the critical condition of this woman through a blood donor group on WhatsApp, I left for Indore in my friend's car and traveled about 440 kilometers." Ravindra said that in the last 10 years, he has donated blood 8 times for needy patients, he has done this work in many cities of his home state Maharashtra, as well as Gujarat, UP, and MP.

woman's life saved

Dr. Ashok Yadav, Head of Transfusion Medicine Department at Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital, Indore, said that the woman was mistakenly given 'O' positive blood group during an operation for an obstetric disease in another hospital, due to which her condition worsened and her kidneys were also adversely affected.

The doctor said, "When the woman's condition worsened, she was sent to Roberts Nursing Home in Indore, where tests showed that her hemoglobin level had dropped to about 4 grams per deciliter, whereas the hemoglobin level of a healthy woman should be 12 to 15 grams per deciliter."

Dr. Ashok said that when 4 units of 'Bombay' blood were transfused, the patient's condition improved. According to the doctor, if this woman was not given blood of a rare group on time, her life could have been at risk.

How were 3 units arranged?

Ashok Nayak, head of Indore's social organization 'Damodar Yuva Sangathan', helped in arranging 'The Bombay blood group blood for the sick woman. He said that apart from one unit of Ravindra Ashtekar, one unit of blood was brought from Nagpur to Indore by flight and the remaining one unit of blood was donated by the sick woman's sister in Indore. 

What is the 'Bombay' blood group?

'Bombay' blood group was discovered in 1952 by Dr. YM Bhende, it is very rare and is usually found in people of India-Pakistan and Bangladesh. It does not have an H antigen when anti-H-antibodies are found, this is why it is also called the 'hh' group. People of this group can receive blood of their blood group, this is why many times their life is in danger due to lack of blood of the same group.