Health: Tired of working on your phone, or laptop continuously? With the help of these measures, you will get relief!


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Nowadays many people spend more time on laptops or mobile phones. Apart from office, people are also using film, reel, and social media on laptops and mobile. Whether it is grown up or children, the use of phones has increased, and the present picture is the same. But due to this strain on our eyes, they get tired. Not only this, many times there is a problem of dryness in the eyes, itching, or burning sensation in the eyes.

If you want to get rid of all these, then it is very important to take proper and special care of your eyes. Let us know what to do to reduce digital strain.

Take breaks between chores

It is most important to take breaks in between work to give rest to the eyes. Whether it is office or home, taking breaks is very important. Take a break from the screen every half hour. Not only this, do take a walk here and there. But never use mobile during the break. This will reduce the effect of the screen on the eyes. This can help in relaxing the eyes.


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Kkeep blinking your eyes

Some people get so engrossed in their work that (sometimes) they forget to blink their eyes or eyelids. But blinking is very important, it reduces the pressure on the eyes. Along with this, the fatigue of the eyes also reduces and there is no irritation. Moisture in the eyes also remains constant. There is no dryness in the eyes.

Take special care of the screen light

Keep the lighting of the phone and laptop screen correct, this will give rest to your eyes. Many times people work in low or insufficient light, but this puts more strain on our eyes. If you constantly work in low light, it can put a lot of pressure on the eyes. That's why keep the light of the monitor right. Due to this the pressure on the eyes is reduced.


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Wash eyes with cold water

If you want to relax, wash your eyes with cold water. Splashing cold water on the eyes gives a feeling of freshness and there will be no problem in working.

Massage the eyes

Massaging the eyes with light hands can help relieve tension. Wipe your eyes and massage gently for a while. It feels very relaxing.