Health tips: You might not know these benefits of eating tamarind


Apart from taste, tamarind has many such properties which are very beneficial for health. Other elements like vitamin C, calcium, iron, fiber, and potassium are found in abundance in it.

Let us know today about its benefits…

Increase appetite: If you do not feel hungry, then you should consume tamarind. This will make you feel hungry. Let us tell you that after drinking a little black salt mixed with tamarind water, one starts feeling hungry.


Digestion will improve: Fiber is found in abundance in tamarind. To improve digestion, boil a spoonful of tamarind pulp in a liter of water and drink it after it cools down.

Cold: In case of cold, drinking sugar candy mixed with ripe tamarind juice provides quick relief.


Weight will be reduced: If you are troubled by the problem of obesity, then include tamarind in your diet. It contains hydroxylic acid which helps reduce weight.

Relief from swelling: In case of joint pain, make a paste of tamarind and apply it on the swelling and wrap it with a cotton cloth. This will reduce swelling.

Tamarind panacea in piles: Tamarind is used as a panacea in piles. Mix its pulp with water and give it to the patient twice a day. This gives relief.