Health Tips- Whether it is summer or winter, eating jaggery is beneficial, know about it


Weight gain: Jaggery , although a natural sweetener , has a high calorie content , around 385 calories per 100, mainly due to its carbohydrate content. Therefore , dieters should be cautious about the consumption of jaggery.

Hemorrhage: Jaggery has heating properties , which can increase the risk of nosebleeds during the summer months. As a result , experts recommend against consuming it during this season.

Blood Sugar Concerns: Jaggery is sweeter than sugar and can cause a rise in blood sugar levels

Aggravation of Gout: Excessive consumption of jaggery during summers can aggravate the pain of Gout. Jaggery contains sucrose , which can hinder the production of omega- 3, which can lead to inflammation and irritation in the body.


Intestinal problems: Excess consumption of jaggery can damage the intestines and increase the risk of intestinal worms. Apart from this , excessive consumption of jaggery in summer can cause allergies.

Health benefits of eating jaggery in summer:

Digestive relief: Jaggery can be beneficial for people suffering from constipation , acidity , indigestion and flatulence.

Treatment of Sore Throat: People suffering from sore throat in summer can get relief by consuming basil juice mixed with jaggery thrice a day.

Relieves menstrual pain: Jaggery can help reduce menstrual pain and abdominal cramps. Drinking milk mixed with jaggery during menstruation can provide a lot of relief.

Anemia management: Jaggery is rich in iron , which makes it an effective option to combat anemia. Its regular consumption during summer can increase the level of hemoglobin.