Health Tips: When is testing necessary for which diseases?


Importance of Full Body Check-Up: Although the disease can happen to anyone at any time, sometimes the risk of disease remains according to age, says Neuro of Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, Ranchi. Spine surgeon Dr. Vikas Kumar said on his X account that we should always do full body checkups so that diseases can be detected at every stage of age and treatment can be possible at the right time.


When is testing necessary for which diseases?

First stage (20-30 years)

At this age, checking blood pressure, height, and weight, an HPV test (Human Papilloma Virus) test is necessary. Certain types of HPV increase the risk of cancer in women. It starts at the age of 20.

Second stage (31-40 years)

People of this age group should get tests related to BP, diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, and heart disease because according to WHO, 22% of deaths are due to heart attacks. Factors like blood pressure and cholesterol are responsible for this.

Third stage (41-50 years)

Checkups related to heart diseases, prostate cancer, skin cancer, eyes, and teeth should be done because the prostate gland starts increasing in men after the age of 40. This is called prostatic hyperplasia.

Fourth stage (51-65 years)


Be sure to get yourself checked for stool tests, mammograms, osteoporosis, and depression because 90% of colon cancer (intestine cancer) cases are found after the age of 50. Bone erosion also starts. Mammogram detects breast cancer in women.

Fifth stage (age 65+)

At this stage of age, check for eyes, ears, and physical imbalance because immunity decreases rapidly after this age. The ability to see and hear decreases. The balance of the body starts deteriorating. Therefore, get a full body checkup done on the advice of the doctor.

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