Health Tips: What is the relation between thyroid and infertility?


Rupali Ganguly, the lead character of India's top TV serial 'Anupama', has recently joined the BJP party. Amidst this news, an interview of the actress is much talked about in which she has talked about the problems faced during her pregnancy.


The 46-year-old actress had said that she had a lot of difficulty in conceiving due to thyroid disease. I had thyroid. Due to this, the fertility count becomes very low. I consulted many doctors. My son is no less than a miracle for me. Let us tell you that thyroid problems are very common in women. Especially if the lifestyle is not good.

What is thyroid

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland present in the neck, which works to produce hormones necessary for the body. The thyroid is responsible for controlling metabolism, periods, and ovulation. In such a situation, when this gland does not function properly, women experience irregular menstruation, infertility, and even early menopause. The thyroid gland producing more or less hormones for a long time is a disease.

Women are at greater risk of thyroid

Women's Health. According to the organization's data, one out of every eight women suffers from thyroid disease. This number makes this disease more common in women than men.

What is the relation between thyroid and infertility?

Hypothyroidism means when the thyroid gland produces fewer hormones, it causes difficulty in conceiving. Because the thyroid gland is responsible for your ovulation cycle, low levels of thyroid hormone can interfere with ovulation. In such a situation, the ovulation cycle becomes irregular and conception does not occur.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism look like this in women

Decrease in heart rate,


Increase in obesity

Excessive cold,


Dry skin problem,


Heavy periods.

How to keep thyroid under control

If thyroid disease is very serious, medicine or surgery may be required for its treatment. But if this disease is diagnosed in the initial stage itself, it can be controlled with the help of improvement in eating habits and yoga.

These measures are necessary for protection

Thyroid is a lifelong disease. Once it occurs, the only way to avoid its ill effects is to control it. In such a situation, prevention of this disease is considered the best. For this, along with a healthy diet, you need regular exercise, weight and stress management. 

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