Health Tips: Walk daily after dinner for just 10 minutes, digestion remains good...


World Digestive Health Day: World Digestive Health Day is observed every year on 29 May. Which started in the year 2004. World Digestive Health Day is celebrated to mark the anniversary of the establishment of the World Gastroenterology Organization in 1958.


To keep the body healthy, proper digestion is most important. Poor digestion can cause many diseases. The digestive system is one of the most important functions in the body and it forms 70% of the immunity. So the purpose of celebrating this day is to inform people about the importance of the digestive system and what should be done to improve it...

Homemade plain, less oil, chili-spicy food is best in every way, but exercise also has a big role in keeping digestion right. So if you make a habit of walking for just 10 minutes after eating, then you can stay away from many problems like gas, flatulence, and acidity. Along with this, this 10-minute walk gives many other benefits. Learn about it here...

What are the benefits of taking a walk after eating?
1. Improve digestion

Walking after dinner helps in the easy digestion of food. On the contrary, lying down immediately after eating, or sitting on the couch can cause gas, indigestion, and acidity problems.

2. Blood sugar remains under control
Blood sugar can also be kept under control by taking a short walk after eating. Physical activity helps the body use glucose properly, which keeps sugar under control.

3. Weight is less
Taking a walk after meals also helps in weight loss. Walking burns calories. Food gets digested easily.

4. Sleep well
By walking, food is digested quickly, due to which sleep is good.


5. Mind remains calm
When there are no stomach problems, the mood is also good and stress is away.

So for all these benefits, make it a habit of walking after eating from today.
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