Health Tips: Understand the sign of high cholesterol from these signs...


Early Signs and Symptoms of LDL Cholesterol: Cholesterol is a very important thing for us. Due to cholesterol, many types of hormones are formed in our body, due to which many processes of the body are completed. The truth is that cholesterol itself also protects the heart. But there are two forms of cholesterol. One good cholesterol and one bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol acts as a villain and starts depositing dirty sticky substances in the arteries. This puts life in danger. Dirty cholesterol starts accumulating in the arteries in the heart, due to which there is a problem in reaching the blood in the heart. In such a situation, blood does not reach the different parts of the body. Due to an increase in cholesterol, the risk of many diseases including heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and cardiac arrest also increases.


To prevent bad cholesterol from getting accumulated in the arteries, it is necessary to understand under what circumstances cholesterol starts getting accumulated in the arteries. When it accumulates in the arteries, nothing is known outside the body for many days, but there are some signs based on which a person should understand that dirty cholesterol has started accumulating in the arteries.

signs of high cholesterol
1. Accumulation of fat around the eyes-
According to WebMD, when cholesterol increases in the body, yellow spots start forming around the eyes. If cholesterol becomes more, then yellow-colored fluid starts accumulating under the skin as well. This is called Xanthomus.

2. Angitity-Many people do not initially know about the increase in cholesterol. In the beginning, there is a complaint of anxiety or uneasiness, which people usually ignore, but if there is no other issue and anxiety often persists, then it should be considered a sign of bad cholesterol.

3. High blood pressure- Blood pressure can also become high while cholesterol increases. However, even after having high blood pressure, there is restlessness and a lot of anger. That's why keep checking your blood pressure often.

4. Numbness in hands and feet – Due to an increase in bad cholesterol, a sufficient amount of blood does not reach the veins. Due to this, the color of the veins starts changing and numbness starts coming into the feet. This also causes a lot of pain. Trembling also starts in the feet. There is a burning sensation in the ankles. At the same time, the risk of getting cramps increases in the elderly. Hair also starts flying from the feet.


Cholesterol does not increase, what to do
To prevent cholesterol from increasing, from the age of 20, make food and drink healthy and leave bad habits. Just limit the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, processed food, pizza burgers, packaged things, etc. Eat healthy food. For example, increase the intake of seasonal green vegetables, whole grains, fruits, etc. Good cholesterol can be increased by regular exercise. Good cholesterol can also be increased by avoiding fried things, smoking and alcohol. If the good cholesterol has decreased, then the doctor also advises to increase it through some medicines.