HEALTH TIPS: To avoid acidity, these tips of experts will come in handy for you


If there is a problem with our eating habits, overeating, or sleeping due to some reason, then we may have an acidity problem.

It is not very serious, but if it is not given much attention, it can also take the form of a major disease. There are some home remedies by which you can get rid of acidity. Most often it is due to eating spicy food or due to a long gap between two meals.

You should include basil seeds in your habit and drink at least two teaspoons of basil soaked in a glass of water, the nature of basil seeds is cold and reduces the problem of acidity. Avoid eating it during periods and when you have a cold.

The problem of acidity can be reduced by drinking a glass of coconut water at 11:00 in the morning, never stop eating grains, and walk at least 100 steps after eating food.