Health Tips: This special fruit will remove the problem of urine infection in women, click to know!


Many women have questions due to urine infection. During this period, there is pain or burning sensation while defecating, frequent urination, feeling of need to urinate despite the bladder being empty. This problem increases even more in summer. But you can also get relief from this problem by consuming fruits. Today we will tell you how consuming a fruit will benefit you.

Consumption of this fruit is a must

Watermelon, the most sold in summer, is very healthy. Watermelon contains 92% water, which fulfils the water deficiency in our bodies. You can also use it to get relief from urine infection.

Watermelon increases the amount of urine and prevents urine infection. Consuming watermelon also provides relief from a burning sensation during urination. You can consume it directly or in the form of juice. But do not keep it cut for too long.