Health Tips- These people should not drink milk at night, it can be harmful


Milk contains essential nutrients like sodium , protein , calcium ,However , it is important to be careful when you consume milk , especially at night .

It is generally acceptable to drink milk at any time of the day. But consuming milk at night can have some harmful effects that you should be aware of. Let us know that people should not sleep at night-

Sleep disturbance: Milk contains protein and lactose , which take time to digest. Consuming milk at night can cause sleep problems and even nervousness.

Weight gain: Drinking milk before sleeping on a regular basis can lead to weight gain and accumulation of belly fat.

Slows down detoxification: Consuming milk at night can slow down the detoxification process of the body. The liver detoxifies during sleep , but consuming milk before bedtime interferes with this natural detoxification.


Digestive problems: Consuming milk at night can lead to digestive problems. Improper digestion of milk before bedtime can result in problems like indigestion, bloating.