Health tips: These are some ways to avoid heart attack in winter, know everything about them here


There are many such diseases around us, which we can be a victim of at any time. In such a situation, we need to protect ourselves from these diseases. Our healthy food, our good routine, our daily exercise, getting up on time at night, getting up on time in the morning, eating food on time etc. These are the things that help keep us healthy. But sometimes people are struggling with heart problems. Usually it is seen that if someone has suffered a heart attack, then there is other kind of problem in someone's heart. In such a situation, these people have to go through many types of medicines and a long treatment. But do you know that in winter you can have heart attack or heart related problems? In such a situation, it is important to know that what are the ways to avoid cold in winter, so let us tell you about it…


avoid wearing overly warm clothes
Sometimes wearing too hot clothes can lead to overheating and due to this the blood vessels suddenly dilate. Therefore, hypotension can occur in people with heart disease. At the same time, then you may sweat in the cold and you may feel hot. In such a situation, this sweat is enough to cause danger. So avoid doing this.

Avoid indoor heat
We try to keep our house warm during the cold season and sometimes it increases the chances of getting cold flu due to low humidity by indoor heating. Therefore, the flu is potentially dangerous in anyone with heart disease. Therefore, if you feel any problem, then you should immediately contact the doctor.

avoid drinking alcohol
In winter, if you are going out somewhere or are at home, then you should not consume too much alcohol. This causes the blood vessels in your skin to dilate, due to which you feel warm. In this case, the risk of heart remains.


Note: Dr. Parvesh Malik is a Physician and is currently working at Ujala Cygnus Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Panipat. Dr. Malik has completed his ABBS from Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Health Sciences and Research Mullana, Haryana. He also did MD in General Medicine. Prior to working at Ujala Cygnus Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Panipat, Dr. Parvesh worked as a Junior Resident at MM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Maharishi Markandeshwar University.

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