Health tips: There can be more than 200 types of symptoms of post covid, do you also have such problem?


The cases and death rates of corona infection in the country have been fluctuating for the last few days. The surge in corona cases once again in many countries is a matter of concern for the people. However, experts believe that people who have taken both doses of the vaccine have a lower risk of severe corona infection and complications due to it. With the rise in the cases of corona, the complications of post covid are still seen in some people. According to health experts, post covid symptoms may persist for a few months in some people who have recovered from corona infection, however, if they last for a long time, then it becomes very important to consult a doctor about this.


Post covid or long covid refers to the long-term persistence of certain health problems in people who have been cured of corona. Fatigue and weakness are normal after recovery from corona, although some other serious symptoms require timely treatment. Let us know about some such post covid symptoms in the following slides, which require special precautions.

Who is more prone to post covid?
In a conversation with Amar Ujala, Dr Vikramjit Singh (Department of Internal Medicine) says, the second wave of corona seriously affected many organs of the infected. This is why some symptoms may persist for a long time after recovery, even six months to a year in some people.

The highest risk of post-Covid problems is seen in those who had to be admitted to the ICU due to severe infection during treatment for corona. Apart from this, some symptoms may persist for a long time in people with weak immunity and comorbidities.


There may be more than 200 symptoms of post covid
You must have also heard about the symptoms of post covid like fatigue, weakness and chest pain in some people. At the same time, in a study published in the Lancet Journal Clinical Medicine, scientists say that there can be more than 200 types of symptoms of post covid. Researchers said that due to post-covid, some people are also seeing symptoms like hearing loss, itchy skin, changes in menstrual cycle, sexual problems, chest pain, memory loss and blurred vision. These symptoms can last for a long time, so timely diagnosis and treatment is necessary.

Pay attention to these symptoms as well
According to health experts, cough, stress and sleep problems are being seen in people for more than six months after recovering from corona. According to doctors, it is normal for post-covid symptoms to persist for a few weeks after recovery, however, if they are bothering you for 6 months, then do consult a doctor about this. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to serious problems.

People who have recovered from Kovid, keep these things in mind
Dr Vikramjit Singh says that people who have recovered from Kovid must get vaccinated after 90 days, this reduces the risk of serious infection of corona in future. Apart from this, it is necessary for everyone to follow the covid compliant behavior. Always keep in mind that the virus is still present around us, it is necessary to prevent it. Apart from this, if some symptoms persist even after 3-6 months of recovery, then definitely consult a doctor about this.

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