Health Tips- Taking sunlight at this time helps to get rid of sleep problems, know about it


Sun is a great source of Vitamin DThere is also a strong link between daytime sunlight exposure and nighttime sleep, with many youth staying up late at night and waking up late in the morning, which may be due to limited sunlight exposure on campus.

Specifically , the amount of nightly sleep remained relatively constant throughout the year , but during the winter months students went to bed about 35 minutes later and woke up 27This change in sleep patterns prompts a delay compared to the summer season, similar to Scandinavian clocks.

This delay in sleep patterns is linked to our natural circadian clock , a biological mechanism that decides when we should go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. When individuals do not receive enough sunlight during the day , their circadian clock is disrupted , delaying the onset of their nighttime sleep. This delay makes it challenging to fall asleep quickly.

In this case, in the morning , because it advances the circadian clock , which facilitates early sleep at night. In contrast , exposure to light at night delays this cycle , leading to fatigue and poor sleep quality.

Sunlight plays an important role in maintaining our health , especially by providing vitamin D.