Health Tips: Symptoms visible on the face are signs of these diseases, do not ignore them even by mistake!


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When you are sick, symptoms of that disease start appearing in the body, whether you realize it or not. Many times people come to know that they are ill just by looking at their faces. There are some diseases whose symptoms become visible on the face. Don't make the mistake of ignoring it after seeing it. These facial symptoms not only spoil your beauty but also harm your health. Therefore timely treatment is necessary. Know which are the diseases whose symptoms can be known by looking at the face.

Dry lips and skin

Dry lips and skin are common in winter. But in any season, if your lips are dry and cracked and your skin is dry, then it is a sign of a lack of water in your body. Sometimes hypothyroidism or diabetes can also cause dry skin and lips. Which is important to recognize.

Facial hair

Excessive hair growth on the jaw, upper lip, and beard in women indicates hormonal imbalance in the body. Which causes polycystic ovary syndrome.


PC: Amar Ujala

Eye bag

Darkness or puffiness under the eyes is sometimes seen as a cosmetic concern. But swelling and dark circles under the eyes are a sign of your poor health. At the same time, if the eyes look tired then it means that there is an allergy problem in the body.

Yellowing of the skin

If the skin remains yellow for a few days then it is a sign of lack of blood in the body. In most cases, pale skin is a symptom of anemia.


If rashes appear on your face again and again, then the reason for this is your poor digestive system. Inflammatory bowel disease, which affects the large intestine. These show effects on the skin.


PC: Amar Ujala

Do not ignore the new mole

Do not ignore the new mole on the face or body. Especially if it causes itching, pain, or burning. If the color of an old mole changes and there is bleeding, it is important to immediately get checked by a doctor.

Hair Fall

Hair fall occurs due to many reasons. But if eyelashes and eyebrows also fall out along with hair on the head, then it is a sign of autoimmune disease or too much stress.