Health Tips: Stay active for more than four hours and sleep! for eight hours


New research has revealed shocking things about good health. According to research, a person should do at least four hours of physical activity (light, moderate, or vigorous) throughout the day and should also get at least eight hours of sleep at night.


In this research, researchers have said that light physical activity does not only mean exercising. This also includes everyday activities like doing household chores and cooking. At the same time, moderate and vigorous exercise means fast walking or working out in the gym.

The international research team led by Australia's Swinburne University of Technology analyzed the behavior of more than two thousand people during 24 hours. The objective of this analysis was to find out what should be the right ratio of time spent sitting, sleeping, standing, and doing physical activity for good health.

What is the expert's opinion?

Christian Breckenridge, lead author of the study, says that this analysis includes various health indicators and overall suggests the 24-hour period that is necessary for good health. Breckenridge adds that different ratios of physical activity, sitting, and sleeping time may be better for every health indicator, from waist size to fasting glucose levels. For example, researchers found that in people with diabetes, reducing sitting time and engaging in physical activity or gentle movement improved blood sugar levels.

What happens when you change activities?

The study also considered how replacing one activity with another affects a person's entire day. Breckenridge said that if sleep timing reduces exercise time, it could be harmful to health, but if sleep timing reduces passive sitting time, it could be beneficial. Although exercise is more beneficial, it is also important to use time in a practical and balanced manner. Researchers say that some people may recommend more exercise, but exercising for 10 hours and sitting for zero hours is not practical. The study applies to healthy adults, but researchers also recognize that every person's situation is different and physical activity should be fun.