Health Tips: Start this exercise from today, obesity will reduce soon


In today's time, due to bad lifestyle, people have to face many types of health related problems. Obesity is common among these. Many types of measures are taken by people to reduce obesity. Today we are going to give you information about some exercises which are very useful in reducing obesity. By doing these your waist will also become thin.

For this you should do chair leg circles exercise. It is very useful for repairing muscles. To do this, you will have to sit straight and hold the chair with your hands. Doing 2-4 sets of these will help in reducing your obesity.

High knees are also beneficial in this.

You have to stand straight and keep both your legs together and keep your hands on the sides of the body. After this, the knee will have to be rotated to the right and the foot will have to be rotated 90 degrees upward. After this, take the knees near the chest and repeat the same with the other leg. This will help you in reducing fat.

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