Health Tips : Somewhere you are also not consuming poisonous mustard oil


In the case of three people who died of dropsy in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, traces of Argemone seeds were found in household mustard oil. In Prayagraj, when the case of death of three people of the same family due to dropsy (a type of disease) reached Lucknow, there was a stir.

The Department of Food Safety and Drug Administration became active and called for a report from Prayagraj's Assistant Commissioner (Food) Mamta Chowdhary. It has been told in the report that the family members had got the mustard prepared in the field crushed, they have been using the same oil. But, when the oil kept in the house was tested, Argemone was found in it.

This plant is also called Bhaktaya and Bharbhanda, whose seed is like a mustard seed. Dropsy is caused by eating mustard oil mixed with Bhaktaya (Argemone) or Bharbhanda. According to Dr. Anil Gangwar of KGMU, in dropsy, hands and feet swell, rashes occur on the body, and many times the patient dies due to the liver being affected.