Health Tips: Should people suffering from the problem of uric acid eat pulses?

Health Tips

Health Tips: Before eating everything containing protein like pulses, the only thing that comes to mind is that eating it does increase uric acid.

New Delhi. Health Tips: What pulses should be eaten by people suffering from the problem of uric acid? This Yaksha question is of every person whose uric acid has gone up and down a bit. And, the question is not limited to lentils only but is related to everything in food, in which even a small amount of protein is found. Now as far as the correct answer to this Yaksha question is concerned, to know this, we contacted Dr. Manoj Sharma, Senior Consultant of Internal Medicine at Vasant Kunj Fortis Hospital. And, Dr. Manoj's answer to this question says that yes, of course, people suffering from the problem of uric acid should not only eat pulses but must also eat them.

Dr. Manoj Sharma says that people think that protein means pulses and eating it will increase protein, so stop eating pulses. But it is not so. No person in his normal diet eats more than two bowls of pulses in the morning and evening, the amount of protein left in the body after absorption and digestion of so many pulses is not so much that it can bother us. Also, the nutritional value of the pulses that we are consuming is not so high that it increases too much protein and its effect on uric acid. Therefore, lentils that come under a normal diet can be consumed without any fear.

Yes, these things must be kept in mind

Dr. Manoj Sharma says that if a person has a problem with uric acid, he is eating greens and green leafy vegetables, then he should stop. Because they have no transit nutritional value. If someone is drinking tomato soup and he does not drink tomato soup, then it will not cause many problems. If someone is eating nuts (cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, etc.), then uric acid also increases, so we can leave them too. Similarly, non-veg (especially red meat) contains abundant protein, that can also be omitted. That is, there are many things in our life before pulses, which we can leave and it will not have much effect on our life.

It is better to leave these things instead of pulses

Dr. Manoj Sharma says that there are carbonated drinks like soda, beer, or shaft drinks, their consumption also increases uric acid very fast. If these things are removed from our diet and life, then it will not have any bad effect on our health. Similarly, if a person is eating sprouts and grams in the morning and evening and includes pulses in his diet, then its effect will be on protein and uric acid. Therefore, it is better to exclude things like carbonated drinks, green leafy vegetables, tomato soup, nuts from our diet than giving up lentils. Even after this, there is a need to leave pulses, so it is better that you come on medicines now.

The body has a special need of these three elements

According to Dr. Manoj Sharma, anybody especially needs carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for smooth functioning. Therefore, it is very important to include all three in our food and everything that we eat will have these three elements in some form or the other, you cannot get away from it even if you want to. Dr. Manoj says that if a person will not eat protein, will not eat fat, and will not eat carbohydrates, then what will he eat? In the end, he says that excess of anything is bad. If the person's uric acid has increased, then the protein intake has to be controlled, not stopped.