Health Tips: Shaking legs is not a habit, it is a disease, and the risk of heart attack increases


You must have seen many people who keep moving their legs even while sitting on a chair or bed, or sofa. For this, it is said that it is a habit. But according to research, this is not a habit, it is a disease. Which is called restless legs syndrome. Continuous leg shaking increases the risk of a heart attack.

What is the disease 

Not everyone is a victim of this disease. Its complaint is seen only in some people. This disease is called restless syndrome. By the way, it is a disease related to the nervous system. It is also called sleep disorder.

The reason for restless legs syndrome

Well, it is said that when iron is deficient in the body, then the problem of restless legs syndrome starts. Increasing weight, lack of sleep are also the main reasons for this disease. In this, tingling is felt in the feet, there is a burning sensation in the feet. Get at least 8 hours of sleep. Exercise regularly.