HEALTH TIPS: Reusing used oil can make you a victim of dangerous diseases =


Many times the oil which is left while taking out the puri or mathri is used to make vegetables, till it is not finished, then do not use that oil.

But do you know that after darkening, hat oil is not good for health, often after making fried items, it is dangerous to use the oil again because heating it, again and again, releases toxins and free radicals in the body? It starts growing due to which swelling starts coming.

According to FSI, the remaining oil can be reused thrice when the oil becomes poisonous when heated at a high temperature. It emits a foul odor and harmful substances dissolve both in the air and in the food being cooked.

The fatty oil present in the oil turns into trans fat at high temperatures and trans fat is very harmful to the heart. Using the oil repeatedly by heating it is a danger bell with heart disease, acidity, cancer, Alzheimer's, throat. burn-like disease