Health Tips- Osteoporosis disease is continuously increasing in women, know its symptoms


Osteoporosis is a prevalent bone disease , mainly affecting post-menopausal women , which can lead to fractures of the spine ,As women age , their risk of developing osteoporosis increases significantly ,50 million women in India currently suffering from the condition , especially those aged 50 years and above.



Osteoporosis is a worrying condition, its early symptoms are often ignored. Therefore , it is important to understand this condition.

Osteoporosis involves loss of bone density and the formation of small cavities in the bones , which are common in the spine. Osteoporosis manifests as back pain , and individuals may also experience hip discomfort. Let us know how you can get rid of this-

Regular exercise: Engage in daily physical activity to maintain bone health.

Balanced diet: Include enough protein , vitamins and calcium in your diet to support strong bones.

Weight management: Maintain a healthy weight to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Get Vitamin D checked: Get your Vitamin D levels checked regularly , and consult a doctor if they are insufficient.

Avoid alcohol: Limit or stay away from alcohol consumption.

Quit smoking: To protect your bone health, stop smoking.

Healthy Sleep Patterns: Prioritize a regular and adequate sleep schedule.