Health tips: Onion peels are very beneficial for health, know-how


Often we must include onion in our food. Onion must be used in the form of vegetables or salad. Onion is also very beneficial for our health, but we throw onion peels. While you will never throw away onion peels after knowing this. These peels should not be eaten directly but indirectly we can use them for many things. You will be completely stunned to know about these benefits of onion peels. Let us know about some of the major benefits of onion peels-

You can get rid of your skin allergy problem by using onion peel water. Soak onion peels overnight and clean your skin with that water in the morning. By doing this, all your skin-related problems will end.

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Onion peels can also be used to get relief from insects and mosquitoes in the house. After soaking the onion peels in water overnight, keep them near doors and windows. Mosquitoes and mosquitoes are attracted by their pungent smell. Other pests will not enter the house.

Onion peels can be used as a hair conditioner while taking a bath. After washing the hair thoroughly, clean it for some time with water containing onion peels. This makes the hair soft and shiny.

Onion peels are high in antioxidants and also have anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from this, an enzyme called 'quercetin' found in it prevents cancer cells from growing. You can also make tea from these onion peels and consume this tea daily before sleeping.