Health Tips: Not just vitamins, this thing also affects the functioning of the brain

Not only Vitamin B12, deficiency of this thing also affects the brain? Know from the expert.

Sodium Deficiency: Our body gets sodium by eating sodium. If there is a deficiency of sodium in the body, it can cause many serious diseases. Let us know the symptoms of sodium deficiency and tips to prevent it from the experts.

brain related problems

Sodium Deficiency: Sodium is as important for our body as vitamins. A low amount of sodium in the body can also put you in big trouble. Like other nutrients, sodium is also very important for the body. Body cells work properly only with sodium. Apart from this, sodium is also necessary for the functioning of the nervous system.

Dr. Gaurav Jain, Senior Consultant in the Department of Internal Medicine at Narayana Hospital, says that nowadays most people are anyway struggling with diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. All these are lifestyle-related diseases and to avoid them, it is important to take care of food. Let us know how much sodium is necessary in the body and what problems can occur due to its deficiency.

What should be the sodium level?

The amount of sodium in the body of a healthy person should be around 130 and 140 milliequivalents per liter (mEq/L). Experts say that when there is a decrease in sodium in our blood, it leads to hyponatremia. This is a condition in which the amount of water inside the body increases.

Symptoms of Sodium Deficiency

The symptom of sodium deficiency is its effect on mental health. People who are deficient in this mineral suffer from stress, anxiety, and brain-related problems. Apart from this, sodium deficiency also causes fatigue in the body.

How to make up for the deficiency

Experts say that you should include 5 grams of salt in your diet daily. Eating more salt than this can also be harmful. Also, there is no need to eat salt separately to meet the sodium deficiency. Start eating fruits, vegetables, cherries, fresh neem leaves, lotus seeds, coriander, apple, gourd, cucumber, cabbage and pulses. Eating these natural things will not have any bad effect on your health.