Health Tips- Let's know how fasting can provide relief from the problem of forgetting, follow these tips


In recent times , intermittent fasting has grown in popularity among the younger generation, with many people adopting fasting as a means to shed excess weight. Medical professionals are increasingly endorsing intermittent fasting as a beneficial approach to maintaining overall physical health. In addition intermittent fasting may have positive effects on Alzheimer's disease and memory retention and potentially prevent various other diseases.

Intermittent fasting involves a structured adjustment to one's eating schedule , typically fasting for 16 hours and eating during the remaining 8The specific duration of the fast can vary between individuals , with some opting for a 24- hour fast once a week .

Recent research has shown that this fast enhances brain cell function , thereby reducing the chances of developing Alzheimer's. Also , for individuals already battling Alzheimer's , intermittent fasting can help manage the condition effectively.

Fasting can help control insulin levels , which can reduce the risk of diabetes.

It plays a role in lowering harmful cholesterol levels and maintaining healthy blood pressure. Aids in weight control.

Excessive fasting can lead to a deficiency of essential proteins and vitamins.