Health Tips: Leaving the house hungry can be fatal, these problems can happen with you


If you also leave the house in the morning on an empty stomach and do not have breakfast, then it is not good. Due to this, instead of benefiting our body, there is harm and many problems also arise due to this. In such a situation, if this habit is your daily, then you may also have some diseases. 

If you leave the house without eating or drinking anything, then it is not beneficial for you, it can cause acidity problem. Also, if you follow this habit for a long time, then you may also have the problem of indigestion, gastric inflammation, heartburn, stomach ulcer.

Along with this, if you do not have breakfast, it will help in weight loss, but being hungry for a long time can make your blood pressure go up and down By the way, mostly low BP is the problem. In such a situation, you may also feel dizzy.

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