HEALTH TIPS : Learn from expert : What to do if there is a problem of weight loss in post covid?

HEALTH TIPS : Learn from expert : What to do if there is a problem of weight loss in post covid?

The cases of corona infection continue to fluctuate in the country. In some states, the cases of infection are very less and in some states, they are increasing. In such a situation, the concerns have also increased a lot. However, 58 crores 25 lakh vaccines have been administered so far in the country under the nationwide vaccination campaign. At the same time, more than three crores 16 lakh patients have been cured of this epidemic so far, but in the meantime, the problem of post covid has also become very serious. Even after recovering from post covid ie corona, people are facing various problems, which include weakness, fatigue, depression, hair fall, sleep problems, difficulty in breathing, etc. Apart from this, the problem of weight loss is also being seen in many people in post covid. So what should be done? Let us know from experts the answers to some such questions related to Corona ...

HEALTH TIPS : Learn from expert : What to do if there is a problem of weight loss in post covid?

All family members have been vaccinated, do children need to be vaccinated now?

Dr. (Lieutenant General) of Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, Ved Chaturvedi says, 'Zykov-D vaccine has been made for children in the country. Zydus Cadila's vaccine is a DNA vaccine, it is a big step for self-reliant India. We have created the world's first DNA vaccine. It is effective in about 66 percent of the people. It is very cheap and does not require any special temperature, it can be kept in a normal refrigerator at 2-8 degrees. It has been found in the Sero survey that children also have an infection. Lung complications are less in children due to fewer receptors in the lungs. They only have normal coughs and colds. If they are vaccinated then it will be easier.

If there is weight loss in post covid, then what should be done?

Dr. Ved Chaturvedi says, 'There can be many factors for this, such as the medicines they have taken, they do not feel hungry, sometimes they also get acidity. Or if someone ever tells someone that they should eat allopathic medicine, then they eat it. But taking so many medicines is not good. For this, eat normal food. Yes, if the apatite is low, we always see how to increase it. 99 percent of it is caused by multiple drugs. Many times when you stop taking drugs, your appetite gets better. In such a situation, only a healthy diet should be taken. No special diet is needed for this. Eating a high protein diet can make you gain weight quickly.

HEALTH TIPS : Learn from expert : What to do if there is a problem of weight loss in post covid?

Vaccination is happening continuously, but still why is the number of corona cases increasing or decreasing?

Dr. Ved Chaturvedi says, 'Earlier when the pandemic happened, then lakhs of cases were coming in a single day. Now 40-50 thousand cases are coming. The virus moves from one place to another. If we leave out Kerala and a couple of states, the virus count is very less. The reason for this is also vaccination. Vaccination can cause disease, but the severe disease does not.

What arrangements have been made by the government for the homeless people regarding vaccination?

Dr. Ved Chaturvedi says, 'All the government hospitals are there, there is a system of the vaccine. In these the vaccine is free, whether you are poor or rich, you can get the vaccine. It's just a matter of awareness. It may take a little longer in a government hospital than in a private hospital, but you will get the vaccine there.