Health tips: Lack of sleep can increase the risk of corona, follow these tips to prevent


The natural cycle of day and night is very important to keep our whole life in sync. Resting the body at night after a long day's work is not only necessary to maintain energy levels, but research has also proved that the body repairs its wear and tear during this night's sleep. This is the time when the body also develops. Research has made it clear that a good night's sleep is also very important for good height, balanced weight etc.


The impact that the corona pandemic has had on our daily routine and sleep has created a lot of problems in terms of health. While corporate life, shifts in work and gadgets like mobiles had already disturbed the sleep cycle, the lockdown following the pandemic's overturn made it even more unbalanced. There was no fixed time to sleep and no time to wake up. Apart from this, excessive use of tools like laptops, mobiles and computers have a worse effect on sleep. Now research in the context of corona is also saying that if you do not get enough sleep or are suffering from any kind of sleep problem, then treat it immediately, because it can make the problem of corona more serious for you. Is.

According to this new research, people who do not get enough sleep, their risk of getting corona is increased even more because good sleep is also related to good immunity. Not only this, the risk of serious infection of corona in such people is also higher than other people. On top of that, if these people are also suffering from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid or other lifestyle diseases, then the difficulties can increase even more.


Improve sleep pattern

Although 8 hours of sleep is considered ideal for a normal healthy person, but its biological clock of sleep can also be different for everyone. A person can get enough energy by sleeping for 5 hours, then for someone 9 hours is less. Basically, a good and sound sleep means that condition when after waking up you do not feel tired, drowsy, change in behavior etc. Experts divide this type of complete sleep into the phases of light sleep, deep sleep and REM i.e. rapid eye movement. A good night's sleep means that these steps are completed each night in the same sequence, which may take different times depending on the age.

Corona spoiled the rhythm:

Since the arrival of Corona, not only has the sleep of the people living in the house deteriorated, but sleep-related irregularities have also been seen in people suffering from Corona. This disease has had a bad effect on the sleep of people of all ages. Behind this, apart from the imbalance in the body due to illness, fear, anxiety, stress and the effect of medicines are also due to the disease.

Manage like this:

Whether you have been through corona or not, take a look at your sleep patterns. If you feel that you are not sleeping well, then try to fix it immediately. Some tips may help you in this. like-

If you have been suffering from corona, first of all consult a doctor and ask about the dosage of all the vitamins and nutrients required. This will remove the weakness of the body and will help in sleeping.

-Keep your sleep schedule fixed. Go to bed every day at the appointed time and before that wash hands and feet with lukewarm water. By going to sleep at the same time for several days, gradually it will come into your routine.

Do not eat or drink anything before sleeping. The best way to do this is to brush your teeth 15 minutes before bedtime. Also, neither sleep hungry stomach nor after eating a lot of food at night. Yes, a cup of lukewarm milk can definitely be taken half an hour before bedtime.

It is very important that your bedroom should be airy and clean, the bed should also be clean. Therefore, change the pillow covers and sheets at least once a week. Also, keep a distance from bright lights, gadgets like mobile etc. at night. A night bulb with light blue or green light can definitely be lit as these colors give the message of calmness to the mind.

If you can't sleep for 10 minutes after going to bed, wake up and read a book or think of good memories. Do not extend your hand towards mobile games at all.

Regular exercise and a balanced diet are very important for good sleep and to give energy to the body during sleep. Follow them.

Take the help of meditation, music, etc.

Do not take the risk of taking sleeping pills on your own.

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