Health tips: Know why washing hands is important, not only corona but also protection from these four diseases


There are many such things in our life, which are very important for us to do. Otherwise, we may even fall in the grip of many diseases. Like washing our hands. In the Corona era, this became even more necessary, so that we could be saved from the havoc of the virus. Every year on 15 October, 'Global Hand Washing Day' i.e. World Hand Washing Day is celebrated all over the world with the aim of spreading awareness about why handwashing is important, and its benefits and importance. It cannot be denied that we fall prey to many diseases through our hands. Apart from the coronavirus, there are many such diseases, which make us a victim through our hands. In such a situation, it is important for us to understand how important it is to wash hands. So let's tell you about this. You can learn more about it in the next slides...


That's why it's important to wash your hands
Actually, washing hands is extremely important. Dr. Kshitijina Jadhav says that, if the hands are not washed or washed properly, then the person can come in contact with any virus or bacteria. Because of this, we can get sick. Therefore, if our hands are cleaned and washed, then we can stay away from many diseases.

This is the right way to wash hands
Washing hands is not enough, but it is important to wash hands properly. Hands should be washed for at least 20 seconds with the help of soap and water. After that wipe the hands with a clean cloth. By doing this, the risk of diseases spreading through hands becomes almost negligible.


Wash your hands after these things
It is also important to know when to wash hands. Actually, before and after eating food, after using the toilet, after cleaning the pots, after cleaning the house, after touching animals, hands must be washed.

These diseases can be
If our hands are not washed, we can become victims of many diseases. This includes coronavirus, worms in the stomach, hepatitis A, food poisoning, diseases related to hands, mouth, and feet, and diseases related to lungs.