Health tips: Know what to eat and what not to eat at night

Health and Nutrition Tips:-If you adopt these 4 rules of eating food then you will be healthy for life

Eating food is good for health, but eating the right food at the right time leads to health. Do you know what you should and should not eat at night? Some foods can put your life at risk if you eat them at night. These healthy foods can harm you. There is still a debate going on among the doctors on whether this is true or not. Because the food which medical science considers healthy is said to be unhealthy in Ayurveda. Well, we are giving you some reasoning why you should not eat this food at night.

Do not eat curd at night

Eating curd at night can be fatal. Although curd is very beneficial for health, after eating dinner, you go straight to sleep, due to which curd is not digested and due to this you feel such a stomach disease which can also be fatal. To digest curd, you must do some work after eating it, do not go for a long walk, otherwise, it will not be digested.

Dry Meat Can Be Deadly


Meat is good for your health but do you know that a day or two of old meat can be fatal for you. The meat starts drying after it is cut and then bacteria starts in it and when you eat this dry meat you are inviting disease which can be fatal to your health.

Don't eat pasta at night

Eating pasta at night is injurious to your health. The amount of carbs in it is very high. It takes a long time to digest, so when you eat it at night, it is not digested, due to which you become ill. You should avoid eating anything made of maida at night.


Fruit salad is deadly

Salad made of fruits should not be eaten at night, there are two reasons for this, one is the amount of water in it, so if you eat it at night, then you will have to go to the toilet again and again and secondly it contains sugar at night when you eat food too. And fruits also give you double sugar, protein, and carbs, and you know that too much of everything is bad, in the same way, eating salad in excess or at the wrong time can be harmful to you.