Health Tips: Know The Secret Of Long Lives!


If you are born in India and wish to live for 100 years, then you can fulfill it very easily. Because the quality of your jeans is very good. Yes, scientists have revealed the secret of the longevity of Indians. In a study conducted on two groups of people of different age groups, such genetic variants have been identified which not only lead to longer life but also act as a protective shield.


This study has been published in the medical journal 'MedRxiv'. According to the study, 11 genetic variants have been found in people of India that protect against factors that increase the risk of untimely death.

The secret of long life

Scientists say that genetic factors play an important role in determining longevity. The influence of genetics on a person's survival and health is up to 40 percent. 

Between 2000 and 2019, per capita life expectancy in the country has increased from 62.1 to 70.8 years. However, only 0.4% of the population can reach the age of 85 years. It is not wrong to say that understanding the genetics of longevity in India is still a challenge.

These things came to light in the study

In the study, samples of 133 people aged 85 years or more and 1,155 people in the age group of 18-49 were examined. Due to this 11 genetic variants were identified which act as a protective shield for longevity and the elderly. Studies show that genetic factors responsible for serious diseases are less active in long-lived people compared to young people.

Genetic variants protect from untimely death

The 11 variants that have been detected during the research work to protect against health problems like slow heartbeat, short stature, schizophrenia, stress, dementia, bile-related disorders, heart attack, and blood clotting. Due to this, the risk of untimely death is greatly reduced. 

Will help in increasing the lifespan

This study makes an important contribution to understanding the secrets of the longevity of Indians. This information can help develop new strategies to live a long and healthy life in the future.