Health tips: Know the danger to the heart increases due to this, these are relief measures


We often see in our homes and in many places that many people take painkillers continuously for a short period of pain. Those people are completely unaware that how much these pain relief medicines are harmful to our health. Taking a painkiller means that your heart becomes weak within a week.

Recent information has shown that if there is a high use of painkillers, then the risk of heart attack increases by about 50 percent, and the risk of a heart attack in such persons is reduced to less or none at all. There are five.


Blood pressure rises

In recent research, it has also been found that the use of these pain-relieving drugs leads to a difference in the composition of the blood. Clots start forming in the blood. Due to which the amount of thrombocyte present in the blood starts flowing. Due to this, our heart starts getting weak, due to which it is not able to work properly.

blood pressure

This puts stress on the heart and is not able to work properly and our blood vessels start to spasm, due to which the blood pressure of our body increases. Research has also found that we should also know about the wrong benefits of buying these painkillers.