Health tips: Know how to treat numb hands and feet

HEALTH TIPS : Hands and feet will get strength, pain will also go away, just do these four yogasanas daily

Whenever we sit in one place for a long time, then sometimes there is numbness in our feet because sleeping on our feet is a common thing. When we remain stationary in one place for a long time, the legs give up in a way. Sleeping on feet is very painful. But do you know about the real reason for sleeping feet, then let us know why our feet to sleep.

Causes of sleeping feet – Due to the sleeping of the feet, there is a feeling of heavy, dull, tingling, and strange pins or needles in it. This happens due to not enough blood reaching the feet. If you sit on your feet for a long time, then there is pressure on the nerves of that part. If any part of the body remains under any pressure for a long time, then it becomes numb. This pressure falls on the nerve of the hand or foot.


The cellular fibers of the nerves are a membrane made by a white-colored substance called myelin. Due to pressure on them, a sufficient amount of oxygen and blood is not transmitted through the veins to the brain. Because of this, the sensation is not felt there and that part falls asleep. It doesn't hurt your body, but it sure can make you feel awkward for a while.