Health Tips: Know Factors responsible for arthritis!


Are you having pain in your knees or joints while getting up and sitting? So be careful. This could be the initial symptoms of arthritis. In such a situation, if feeling pain in joints has become very common, then the mistake of ignoring it can make you an arthritis patient. 


It is too late to detect the disease

Dr. Virginia, a professor in the Department of Medicine at Duke University, who was associated with this research, said, this disease reaches us much before we think. This is a shocking thing. By the time we see symptoms of this disease, a lot of damage has already been done to our joints.

Crores of people are affected by arthritis

It is noteworthy that arthritis is the second most common disease in India. At the same time, every fourth person in America is a victim of this disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 6.35 crore people in India are suffering from arthritis. In 1990 this number was 2.5 crores. The number of arthritis patients worldwide is more than 50 crore. 

Factors responsible for arthritis

Bad lifestyle habits, obesity, and an increase in injuries are considered to be the main reasons behind the increasing number of arthritis patients. Let us tell you that this disease is also genetic. 

Most patients with knee arthritis

The most common type of arthritis worldwide is knee arthritis. Due to this, knee replacement surgeries have also increased. There are more than 100 types of arthritis. The most common of these is osteoarthritis.

The problem is most common in women

73% of people suffering from this disease are above 55 years of age and 60% of them are women. There are approximately 36.5 crore patients of osteoarthritis worldwide. In such a situation, this research can be an important turning point in the fight against arthritis. Scientists hope that this research will develop new methods for early detection and prevention of arthritis.