Health tips: Keep these things in mind before eating corn


The smell of yellow corn roasted on coals on roadside carts attracts us. Even though you may find this corn to be amazing in taste, but to think that it is a healthy option and does not cause any harm is very wrong.

Know why you should avoid eating corn on the roadside:
Flies are flying on the open cob on the roadside which causes serious diseases.

The utensil used for roasting corn is covered with coal. It is carcinogenic.

Look at the water bottle placed next to these roasters. There is a possibility that the bottle will be dirty and the water too old. Most of the corn farmers wash their hands with soil and water which is very dangerous as both soil and water contain germs.

Squeezed lime juice and seasoning are both old and used over many days. Chili flakes and chaat masala are present in the spice. Bad limes are often used to save money.

The air we breathe is not clean. The corn is kept in the open throughout the day and is exposed to all kinds of air pollutants. Therefore, to avoid disease in this season, corn on the roadside should be completely avoided.