HEALTH TIPS: Instead of throwing away stale roti, eat with this one thing, you will get rid of these big diseases


Stale roti is saved in every house, more people eat them after heating them and frying them, but many people do not like to eat them, but let us tell you that there are many benefits of eating stale roti, today we will tell you some benefits of eating stale roti. 

By eating stale bread in milk, blood pressure remains under control, you can eat it as a snack.

By the way, our body temperature is close to 37 degrees Celsius, if your body temperature remains more than 40 degrees, then it can harm your organs, so eating bread soaked in milk can keep the temperature under control.

If you are not getting relief from stomach ache, then you can eat milk roti in such a situation, doctors forbid the consumption of milk if you have stomach pain, but by mixing milk and roti at night, the problem of constipation can end.