HEALTH TIPS: Include these dry fruits in your diet to lose weight


The biggest thing in reducing weight is to take care of food and drink, weight gain is a gradual process, that is, your weight does not increase suddenly, but body fat increases every day, in such a situation, if you take care of small things, the fat is prevented from increasing.

There are some dry fruits to reduce weight, which will be very beneficial, by eating pistachios, your stomach will remain for a long time. You can eat soaked or roasted, which is helpful in reducing weight.

Cashew is also full of many elements which are effective in weight loss, you can include cashew in your diet.


Eating walnuts will not only control your appetite but will also end your snack cravings. Many types of nutrients are also found in it, such as protein, fat, fiber and carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, iron, copper, omega 3 fatty acids. elements are present.