Health Tips: If you want to lose weight then you can also cook food with these oils, you will see the difference.


You are also trying to lose weight and are also doing intense workouts, but if you are consuming routine oil in your food, then you will see little benefit. In such a situation, to reduce weight, you should cook your food in such oil which neither harms you nor increases fat, then let us know about it.

Olive oil 

If you want to reduce weight, then make your food in olive oil. It contains omega-3 fatty acids which can be easily digested. In such a situation, you have to cook all your food in it only. This can help reduce your calorie count. 


Apart from olive oil

You can cook your food in sesame oil. Healthy fat is also found in it. Can also help in weight loss. These oils can reduce belly fat and control insulin levels in the body. 

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