Health Tips: If you want to get enough sleep then make distance from these things, you will get a good sleep


If your health is right, then everything is right. But if your health deteriorates, then everything deteriorates. In the same way, if you take full sleep, then your health remains good and if your sleep is not complete, then many types of diseases start surrounding you. In such a situation, today we are telling you how you can fulfill your sleep. For this, you also have to take care of eating and drinking. 

Do not eat tomatoes before sleeping

According to the information, if you consume tomatoes at night, then it is harmful to your sleep. Acid is found in abundance in it. This causes acidity problems. For this, do not consume tomatoes at night. By eating this, even your sleep is not complete. 


Do not consume ice cream

Apart from this, if you want to sleep peacefully, then you should not consume ice cream at night. Cortisol hormone increases due to its consumption. Due to this, the night's sleep disappears. In such a situation, do not consume ice cream before sleeping at night.