Health Tips: If you start the day with coffee, juice or yogurt, be careful, these things can do harm on an empty stomach


Foods To Avoid Empty Stomach: Many people like to start the morning with a sip of tea. People like breakfast after tea. Things like poha, samosa, omelette, and fruit juice are eaten. But before eating anything on an empty stomach in the morning, some things should be taken care of, because there are some things which should be avoided by eating on an empty stomach (Foods To Avoid Empty Stomach). Otherwise, there can be many problems related to health. According to health experts, eating certain things on an empty stomach can harm the intestines. So whenever you wake up in the morning, try to have breakfast after at least 2 hours. Let us know those things, which should not be eaten on an empty stomach.


Many people start the day with coffee, but drinking coffee on an empty stomach can lead to acidity problems. This stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the digestive system. This can become a stomach problem.

Spicy Food
Chilli-spicy things should never be eaten on an empty stomach in the morning. This can cause a burning sensation in the stomach. Problems like acidic reactions and stomach cramps can also occur. Spicy food can also increase indigestion. Things like samosa, kachori, and dumplings should be avoided in the morning breakfast.

Many people like to eat curd. Lactic acid is found in it. If the curd is consumed on an empty stomach, it can worsen the acidity level of the stomach.
Consuming anything made from milk should be avoided on an empty stomach because the lactic acid present in them kills the good bacteria in the stomach and problems like acidity start.

Most people start the day with juice. They think that drinking juice is very good, but it is not so at all. According to health experts, the day should never be started with fruit juice. This can put an extra load on the pancreas, which can spoil your health. Drinking juice on an empty stomach can also put more pressure on the liver due to the sugar present in fruits in the form of fructose.

Raw vegetables
Never wake up in the morning and eat raw vegetables or salad on an empty stomach. According to health experts, raw vegetables are rich in fibre. Consuming an empty stomach puts extra weight on the stomach. This can cause problems like flatulence and abdominal pain.


Citrus fruits
Fruits are very beneficial for health, but only when they are eaten at the right time. Never eat sour fruits on an empty stomach even by mistake. This can increase the production of acid and worsen the digestive system. Excess fibre and fructose found in fruits can make the stomach sick. That's why sour and fibrous fruits like guava and orange should never be eaten in the morning.

Never eat pears on an empty stomach because the raw fibre found in them can damage the delicate mucous membrane of the stomach. This can also cause stomach pain.