Health Tips: If you have a heart attack, do these things immediately, your life can be saved.


Nowadays people are not able to live a healthy life due to food pressure and work pressure. In such a situation, many types of diseases have started affecting him. One of these is Heart's. Many people also get heart attack due to these reasons. If anyone gets attacked in such a situation then we are telling you what to do. 

What to do in case of pain: 

If you have pain in your chest, left arm, neck, jaw, shoulder blade or back, you have to breathe fast. You have to do this even if you are having difficulty in breathing or difficulty in breathing. 


Give CPR in this situation. 

If you feel sweating, fainting, dizziness, tiredness and pulse is not found then start CPR immediately. Start CPR immediately when the person is not breathing or is only gasping.