Health Tips: If you consume the leaves of these trees in the morning, sugar will remain under control.


Eating habits and today's busy life have given many diseases to people and one of them is diabetes. In diabetes, the level of sugar in the blood increases significantly. In such a situation, it can be very dangerous for you. In such a situation, there are some Ayurvedic herbs whose consumption keeps blood sugar under control. Among these, there are leaves of some trees which if consumed in the morning, the blood sugar level remains maintained.

Mango leaves:

You can consume mango leaves during diabetes. It has anti-diabetic properties, if you chew mango leaves in the morning, your blood sugar will not increase throughout the day. 


Neem leaves:

Neem leaves are bitter and you will not like the taste. But in diabetes, if you forget the taste and chew neem leaves in the morning, you will get benefit. Neem leaves not only purify the blood but it also removes sugar from the blood. 

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