Health tips: If you are allergic to dogs and cats, then take care of yourself in these ways


Making animals a part of our family is a part of keeping the cycle of nature safe. Although people may have their own opinion about keeping an animal in the house, but generally people like pets like dogs and cats. The craze has increased in India too. Although both these pets have been around humans for a long time, so they do not have much problem in adopting the habit of the house and they really live like a member of the house. It is also said about dogs that they are the faithful companion of man. In many situations where a person lives alone or is in a state of illness or needs some kind of assistant, keeping trained dogs in such a place can be very beneficial. But keeping pets is a difficult task in itself. Just like small children need care, so too do pets need to be taken care of. Apart from this, many people also have an allergy to pets, which if not taken care of can become serious. Therefore it is important to know and understand this allergy.


What is Pet Allergy?

Allergies from dogs or cats can be of two types. First in which a person is more prone to allergies to a particular breed and secondly in which a person can be allergic to any type of stomach. Basically, the whole matter here is related to your immune system. Usually, the job of our immune system is to find and defeat any foreign body (deadly external element) after reaching the body and defeat it. These include deadly invaders such as bacteria and viruses. People who are allergic to pets have an over-sensitive immune system. It can also react against simple proteins present in animal urine, saliva or dead cells of the skin and its symptoms begin to appear.

The situation becomes even more difficult because these allergy-causing stomach allergens can stick around in many places in the house. Such as furniture, curtains, walls, floors, clothing, etc. can be stuck on for a long time and can trigger allergic reactions by coming in contact with them.


Cat and dog allergens tend to accumulate on the membranes of the nose and eyes. Due to this swelling and itching start to arise on that membrane. Due to this, symptoms like puffy eyes, redness, stuffy nose, itching, redness of the skin, etc. In susceptible people, if allergens get into the lungs, difficulty breathing or coughing can occur. In people with asthma, the discomfort can be very severe. Apart from this, rashes can also flourish on the face, neck, etc.

Follow these steps:

The first caution is that after detecting this allergy, do not hide it, tell it clearly. If you go to someone's house, tell this thing in advance. Especially in India, people do not understand the seriousness of this matter, but this energy can also take serious form.

You can be saved by keeping pets, but if you have to bring a stomach in the family, then choose a stomach without fur or feathers. Like fish.

Ask your doctor about a medicine that can keep allergies under control when visiting a public place or a friend's house that has pets. Keep this in mind especially for children.

Keep an inhaler or other control device with you. So that you can use it immediately if there is a problem.

If anyone person in the house has mild allergies, then try to minimize contact with pets. Do not allow pets to sit on the bedroom, sofa, etc.

-Animal allergens can be sticky. So keep cleaning the curtains, bedsheets, cushion covers, carpets, walls, etc regularly.

If the problem persists, contact the doctor immediately.

The vacuum cleaner is best used for cleaning. It also removes the sticky substances and cleans them.

Devices like air conditioners can spread the allergens spread in the room. Keep this in mind.

If you went out somewhere where you have been exposed to allergens, the first thing you should do when you get home is to change your clothes.

- Bathe the pets present in the house regularly and keep them clean.