Health Tips- If there is pain in the knees, then do not do this work even by mistake


Joint pain was mainly associated with older persons, but in recent times , the cases of joint and knee pain are increasing rapidly in youth. Joint pain can severely impair mobility and everyday activities , and can result from a variety of causes such as arthritis and elevated uric acid levels. Knee and joint pain has become worryingly common , disrupting people's daily routine. Today we will know what things people with knee and joint pain should avoid-

Exercise: High-intensity workouts like aerobics , jumping and skipping should be avoided if you are experiencing knee or joint pain . All these can increase the pain of joints and knees.

Jogging: The repetitive impact of jogging can put stress on the knee joint , which can lead to increased discomfort.

Bad posture: Incorrect sitting or sleeping posture can lead to pain in the knees and joints. Avoid crossing your legs while sitting , as this can aggravate the problem.

Lifting heavy weights: Lifting heavy weights can put a strain on your joints and knees. Hence , it is advised to refrain from heavy lifting.


Smoking: Cigarettes contain nicotine , which impairs blood flow to the joints and bones. If you smoke , decreased blood flow and loss of calcium can potentially lead to knee and joint pain.