HEALTH TIPS: If the vaccine is coated on the apple, then identify it like this


It is said that consuming an apple every day saves you from many diseases, although in this era of adulteration, now the circle of real and fake has increased a lot.

Nowadays, to make the apple shiny, the vaccine is being coated on it so that it keeps shining, but these shining apples can overwhelm your health, today we tell you how to remove the above coating. The coating is introduced to keep apples shiny and fresh for longer.

A layer of mom is applied on the apple, three types of layers are applied on the apple i.e. seedwax, carnauba wax, and shellac wax, to remove it, first pour lukewarm water and add salt to it, then put the apple in it and keep it for 2 minutes, after washing with clean water, you can eat it.

Apart from this, take a solution of lemon water, after that put the napkin in it and wipe the apple. The napkin should be very clean, if there is a coating on it, then while buying the apple, scratch it with a nail or any sharp object, if there is wax, then the white layer starts coming out.