Health Tips: If the body is giving such signs, then understand that you have become a victim of pre-hypertension.


Wrong eating habits, changing lifestyle and along with that the problem of high blood pressure is being seen a lot these days. This problem of high BP is also called hypertension. There are many changes in the body before hypertension. That is the condition of pre-hypertension. Know about pre-hypertension.

What is pre-hypertension

You have told above, but tell that BP starts in pre-hypertension. By the way, you can save yourself from getting hypertension by making lifestyle changes. 

What are the symptoms

Persistent headache

Excessive tiredness and dizziness

Feeling restless and sleepless

What is the cause of pre-hypertension

Unbalanced diet and poor lifestyle

Lack of physical activity

High cholesterol 

The problem of diabetes

Eating too late at night