Health tips: How to protect yourself from muscle stiffness


Muscle spasm or stiffness is a common problem, affecting almost everyone at one time or another. Any muscle in the body suddenly gets tight, which causes pain. Mostly this happens in the muscles of the feet. You can get relief from this by doing a light massage or doing some stretching. In the early stages, applying exercise to the affected muscle can be beneficial. When the pain subsides, apply ice on the affected area.

Often, while sleeping at night, suddenly there is stiffness in the calves, then you stand up and put your weight on the leg, whose muscle has become tight. If the cramp occurs while walking or doing any work, stretch or massage the affected muscle lightly. Dehydration is often the cause of cramps. So drinking water can provide relief. Also, take a salt tablet or sports drink.


In some cases, this problem takes a serious form, and then it becomes necessary to see a doctor. The doctor may order tests to check thyroid and kidney function or calcium/potassium/magnesium metabolism after a detailed examination and may also prescribe painkillers.

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To avoid the problem of cramps, you should avoid dehydration at all costs. Keep drinking water from time to time. Keep eating something light. Due to this, there will be no shortage of water and minerals in the body. Do stretching exercises.

If you think that a particular workout is causing your cramps, then change your exercises.